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Hot Dynamic Yoga

Hot Dynamic Yoga class is a fun, creative way to explore both the yin and yang sides of Yoga. Awakened from the inside out by beginning each practice with  mind-centering pranayama and yin poses that ensure quality of movement and optimal activation of muscles and joints. Once the body and mind have been properly prepared, class enters a dynamic vinyasa flow sequence to build upon the previous pose evolving into deeper and more advanced postures as the practice unfolds. This method of sequencing is remarkably therapeutic and will leave you a centering and grounded energy in the body, mind, and spirit.

The class will end with an calming savasana (rest). The class will be held in the hot yoga room which is heated to 36-38 degrees by therapeutic infrared panels. Bring a water bottle!

This class is suitable for all levels but there is an advantage if you have some yoga experience.

We use infrared heaters and heat the  yoga room to approx. 35-40 degrees. Infrared heaters can have several health benefits and create a feeling of well-being and comfort. We recommend pregnant women to avoid practicing hot classes during pregnancy. 

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